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The Community Foundation for the Alleghenies is making a difference. That’s the message from this year’s Annual Report, released today.

This year alone, 5,000 donors impacted their communities through CFA administered funds. Grants and charitable distributions reached nearly $6 million. That money went to after school programs, cultural events, arts programs, drug abatement programs, economic development, environmental protection, healthcare, and more. Every single dollar made this region a better place to live.

Community foundations in general need to be many things to many people. The whole idea of a community foundation is to channel the giving of donors who have widely varying interests and views but share a desire to improve their community. The Community Foundation for the Alleghenies is the one organization in our region established to support anything and everything you can imagine to make our community stronger.

Our financials reflect sound fiscal decisions, efficient operations, and above all, our commitment to improving the lives, economy and opportunities for everyone in Bedford, Cambria, Indiana, and Somerset counties.

We thank the donors who allow us to partner with them. Some of your stories are in these Annual Report pages and all of your names are acknowledged at

Our story extends beyond money, though. Our story is about connections. We have learned that people give because they want to be connected with something. So making connections is a big part of what we do. We help donors think through their wishes, assist with the necessary language, and provide a fundamentally solid platform for their donations. We also work with nonprofits, schools, and community groups so that when donors ask we can connect them. We support programs to make nonprofits stronger so they can assist our community and be worthy of our donors’ philanthropy.

These pages highlight our 26th year. As we look ahead to our 27th, we’re excited about what’s in store. With the partnerships we’ve built, and the ones we have yet to discover, we’re making the region a destination for families, businesses, and visitors. We’re rebuilding and reinventing. And we’re waiting for you to join us.

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