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Our Report to the Community

For 32 years, we have worked to empower individuals to become philanthropists, donors to make meaningful change, and caring citizens to build a legacy around their purpose. We are honored to be a growing, permanent resource for our community. Thanks to more than 6,500 donors in Fiscal Year 2022, we are happy to report grants and charitable distributions of $15,086,894.


We envision an inclusive and engaged culture of philanthropy that grows an abundance of resources that have a perpetual impact in a thriving region.


We empower everyone in our community to understand how their philanthropy can leave a lasting legacy in our region.

Equity Statement

The Community Foundation for the Alleghenies is committed to working toward a diverse, equitable, and inclusive society, where all individuals feel valued and respected. We are committed to taking a nondiscriminatory approach in our policies and actions, respecting diverse life experiences and heritages, and ensuring that all voices are valued and heard.

News and Updates

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Like good news? We are happy to share information about the people and projects making our region a better place, including work our grantees and partners are doing in Cambria, Somerset, Bedford, and Indiana counties.

Join our newsletter community and get monthly updates on our grantmaking, new funds, opportunities to create your legacy, exciting fundraising events, and much more.


upcoming events

Our partners and fundholders work hard to bring the community together and raise money for great causes. Be part of making our community better and stronger.

Explore a schedule of fundraising events, festivals, and more—all for a meaningful cause.


Our Team

Mike Kane

Mike has served in his role at the Community Foundation since 2001. He also is involved in a variety of community initiatives.

Angie Berzonski

Angie manages grantmaking programs and assists with office administration. Contact Angie if you want to learn about the Community Foundation's grant opportunities.

Katrina Perkosky

Katrina works with new donors to open funds and engages with local wealth advisors through our Philanthropic Leaders Advisory Network (PLAN). Reach out to her to start designing your legacy or find out about PLAN.

Natalie Kurchak
Natalie manages brand awareness and social platforms. She organizes news conferences, oversees marketing campaigns, and provides reports of CFA social media and website activities.
Lladel Lichty

Lladel works directly with Somerset County's many donors and grantees. Please reach out to her to discuss opening a fund, ways you can give, or information about how we can work with you in Somerset County.

Dina McGee

Dina works with donors in Bedford County who want to support the community and leads the Bedford County Change Makers. Contact her to help make your vision for the county a reality.

Barb Charney

Barb manages the financial operations of the Community Foundation and oversees financials for all funds under the foundation's stewardship.

Emily Wood

Emily manages the Community Foundation's partnership with the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts and the Foundation's Nonprofit Resource Library. Contact Emily with questions about arts grant opportunities or to access the library.

Nick Gjurich

Nick works with the development staff to maintain communication with new and existing donors and fund representatives. He also creates and oversees our online donation pages.

George Bivens

George works with the grantmaking staff to provide administrative support and grant tracking for partnership funds, charitable service administration funds, and program hosting funds. Contact George with questions related to our online grant application or accessing the grantee portal.

Namita Gallo

Namita oversees our scholarship program, working with donors and schools to inform students about our funding for higher education. She also makes sure that every donation received is properly entered and receipted.

Victoria Kimmel

Victoria works with Barb Charney to ensure our accounting processes are in order and working smoothly. Fundholders can reach out to her with questions about invoice payments.

Rebecca Book

Rebecca works with Natalie Kurchak to manage brand awareness and social platforms and provides administrative support to the CFA staff.

Pat Bowser

Pat provides administrative support for the team in the office, as well as managing the conference room schedule and assisting with special events.

Get in Touch: Community Foundation for the Alleghenies

Monday – Friday 8:30 a.m to 4:30 p.m., closed noon-1 p.m.

Somerset Office
Lladel Lichty, Director

P.O. Box 1105
Somerset, PA 15501


Johnstown Office

216 Franklin Street, Suite 400
Johnstown, PA 15901



Bedford Office
Dina McGee, Director

Penn Square Station
127 South Juliana Street
Bedford, PA 15522


NONPROFITS: The board room at the Community Foundation’s Johnstown office is available at no cost for community and organizational meetings. The room is equipped with audio/visual tools for meetings that are a hybrid of in-person and virtual. It seats up to 25 people. To reserve the board room contact our main line at or 814-536-7741.

Parking and visiting information for the Johnstown office: The Community Foundation’s main office is located in the downtown Johnstown AmeriServ building. The office is on the rear fourth floor, and visitors need to check in at the security desk to get a pass to enter the rear elevators. Metered street parking is available nearby. The city’s Lincoln Street Parking Garage (also metered) is close to the AmeriServ building’s rear entrance.

Board Members

Mark E. Pasquerilla, Board Chair
Terry K. Dunkle, Board Treasurer
Michael Sahlaney, Esq., Secretary
Michele Beener
John Blackburn, III
Alan Cashaw
Robert J. Eyer
Robert Forcey
Greg Glosser
John M. Kriak
Richard H. Mayer
Lauren Cascino Presser, Esq.
Sara Ann Sargent
Bette Slayton
Carol Stern
Jeff Stopko
Michelle Tokarsky, Esq.
Colleen Tretter
Randy Stager
Deacon Jeffrey L. Wilson

Board and Committees

Mike Kane, President
Mark Pasquerilla, Board Chair
Terry Dunkle, Treasurer
Michael Sahlaney, Esq., Secretary

Louise Fisher
Connie McClain
Kristine Olsen
Anita Sukenik

Amy Edmiston
John Kriak
Mark Pasquerilla

Lynne Ashe
John Blackburn III
Steven Dull
Haley Feaster
Kellie Goodman-Shaffer
Allen Harr
Alison Hostetler
Matt Otis
Leah Pepple
Stephanie Wingard

Debbie Bork
David Bork, Jr.
David Bork, Sr.
Jessica Borowitz
Michael Grimes, Jr.
Mark Pasquerilla
James Rihs
Michael Sahlaney, Esq.
William Shulick, Esq.

Lynn Ashe
Jodi Clark
Terry Dunkle
Katie Fink
Beth Hullihen
Jen Johnson
Ned Kendall
Sue Mann
Rob McCombie
Melanie Miller
Mark Pasquerilla
Michael Sahlaney, Esq.
Karen Struble-Myers
Michelle Tokarsky, Esq.

Vicki Beer
Allie Hoffman
Gillian Hurt
Craig Minnick
Pamela Ream
Cathy Wheeler

Haley Feaster
Allie Hoffman
Katie Kinka
Kyle Kunkle

Fred Baca
Don Burd
Wendy Dunkle-Daley
Justin Hillegas
Dan Iseminger
Leesa Keys-Waite
Jessica Michael
John Mobus
Gary Shetter, Jr.
Kenny Tewell
David Wallace

Terry Dunkle
Robert Eyer, CPA
John Kriak
Richard Mayer
Mark Pasquerilla
Michael Sahlaney, Esq.
Sara Ann Sargent
Jeffrey Stopko
Michelle Tokarsky, Esq.

Vickie Beer
Terry Dunkle
Robert Eyer, CPA
Robert Forcey
Monica Klatt
John Kriak
Kyle Kunkle
Alan Metzler
Mark Pasquerilla

Samuel Catanese
Casey Craig
Kim Craig
Steven Dull
John Kriak
Mark Pasquerilla
Craig Saylor
Tyler Trimbath
Joel Valentine

Olivia Bragdon
Dennis Brawley
Lauren Cascino-Presser, Esq.
Kellie Goodman-Shaffer
Rev. Sylvia King
Mark Pasquerilla
Kayla Puchko Stephenson
Dr. Leah S. Spangler
Colleen S. Tretter
Deanna Weaverling

Mark Albright
Connie Anderson
Thomas Deetz
Dr. Tracey Karlie
Linda McDonough
Harold Nicholson
Carol Stern
Chloe Thomas

Tim Booth
Scott Gebhardt
Brian Hill
Frank Plank
Marybeth Smialek
Dave Vollero
Beverly Weaver
Gregory Winger
Davitt Woodwell

Chris Baxter
Matt Decort
George Fetsko
Michael Kiel
Russell Kiel
Brent Kinley
Stephanie Schrift
Randy Stager

Vickie Beer
Henry Cook
Theodore Deskevich
John Fiesta
Allie Hoffman
Matthew Melvin, Esq.
Lana Miller
Mark Miller
Pamela Ream
Carol Stern
Commissioner Pamela Tokar-Ickes
Cathy Wheeler

Hon. Scott Bittner, Esq.
Sharon Clapper
Theodore Deskevich
Bruce Hottle
Lana Miller
Melanie Miller
Carol Stern
Cathy Wheeler
Brian Whipkey

Barnes, Saly & Company, Johnstown, Pennsylvania

Robert Allen, Executive Director, Emeritus
Dr. Frank Blackington
Abe Beerman
Scott Becker
G. Henry Cook
Lori Copley
Kim Craig
Allan Dennison
Raymond DiBattista
Dr. Albert L. Etheridge
The Hon. Linda Rovder Fleming
Robert Gleason, III
Dr. Curtis Goldblatt
Gary Horner, Esq., Secretary
Darryl Myers
Renuka Narahari
D. C. Nokes, Esq.
Daniel Perkins
Dr. Tom Otis
Bill Rice
James V. Saly
Thomas C. Slater
Kenneth Shorts
Matthew Smith
Robert D. Sweet
Ernest Wadsworth

Supporting Organizations

These funds act under the Community Foundation’s fiscal and administrative oversight, but with their own board and mission.

The Foundation for Pennsylvania Watersheds (FPW), formerly known as the Western Pennsylvania Watershed Program, is a grant-making foundation that invests in efforts to protect healthy, natural streams around the state—and also to clean up pollution and repair damaged wildlife habitat.

FracTracker was originally developed to investigate health concerns and data gaps surrounding western Pennsylvania fracking. Today, as a non-profit organization, FracTracker Alliance supports groups across the United States, addressing pressing extraction-related concerns with a lens toward health effects and exposure risks from oil and gas development. The organization provides timely and provocative data, ground-breaking analyses, maps, and other visual tools to help advocates, researchers, and the concerned public better understand the harms posed by hydrocarbon extraction.

The Southwestern Pennsylvania Water Network is nonprofit created to provide support for impactful, sustainable and equitable networked action around integrated water resource management in Southwestern Pennsylvania.

The mission of the Pittsburgh Food Policy Council is to build a food system that benefits our communities, economy, and environment in ways that are just, equitable, and sustainable. Driven by community-led solutions, we bring together over 80 entities and 120 individuals to re-imagine our region’s food system and seek policies that promote local food growing, sustainable agriculture, equitable development, and access to healthy food, particularly in low-income communities.

CLICK HERE to read more.

The Southwest Pennsylvania Environmental Health Project is a nonprofit environmental health organization created to assist and support Washington County residents who believe their health has been, or could be, impacted by natural gas drilling activities.

Financials and Bylaws

Activities Statement

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Financial Position Statement

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