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Supporting Our Community Through Unrestricted Giving

Although no one is able to predict the future, there are ways to plan for it. One of the ways the Community Foundation works to support the needs of our region forever is by raising unrestricted funds through our Fund for the Future.

An unrestricted gift is one given without any specific purpose, allowing the Community Foundation to address a broad range of needs. Our work supports all aspects of community well-being: arts and culture, economic development, education, environment, health and human services, neighborhood revitalization, and more.

Because you set no restrictions on the use of your gift, it enables our staff and board to do what they do best, understand the current state of our community and respond by awarding grants to the nonprofit organizations that are engaging in the most critical work.

You can make an unrestricted gift to the Fund for the Future at any time—or, if you are interested in supporting grantmaking specifically where you live or grew up, the Bedford County Community Fund and the Somerset County Community Fund support unrestricted grantmaking in those specific geographical areas. You can also set up your own unrestricted fund so that the legacy of you and your family can carry on long into the future, just like the donors listed below. It’s as easy as inserting some short, simple language into your will. CLICK HERE to download sample bequest language. 

If you care about our community and want to support its growth and success in the future, an unrestricted gift is one way to show your unlimited love.

Contact us to get started.
CFA Director of Donor Services Katrina Perkosky
Perkosky Katrina 1934 E1644255938747

The Memorial Fund and Memorial Scholarship Fund

Our new Memorial Fund was established to help you honor the legacy of your loved one in a meaningful and permanent way. Donations support unrestricted grantmaking as determined by the Foundation’s Distribution Committee, through the Fund for the Future. This special fund is endowed, so any contribution you make on behalf of a loved one will be there to support local causes forever.

Our new Memorial Scholarship Fund provides a similar service, with contributions directed to support pathways to higher education for local students.

Both funds provide an opportunity to honor loved ones in a lasting way. CLICK HERE to download instructions for including CFA in an obituary.

Memorial Fund

Contributions to this fund have been received in memory of the following:

William and Anne Barbin

Richard (Rick) Belchik

Marie Douglas

Delores Faunce

Morton Glosser

Nathaniel Glosser

Leora Hoffman

Margaret Jarabak

Marvin Kirsten

Gloria Mendelson

The O’Shea and Paruch Families

Janice Simmons

Edward Stan

Sandi Stevenson

Fred Suppes

Nancy Quast

James A. Tanase

Sam Zamias

Memorial Scholarship Fund

Contributions to this fund have been received in memory of the following:

Vanessa Hyatt Wiley

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