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the Alleghenies, for always
Creating an Impact

The Community Foundation for the Alleghenies has been helping people in our community help each other for more than 30 years. We put our donors’ generosity to work through strategic grantmaking and connect individuals with opportunities to make an impact. We support grassroots efforts, collaborate with community partners, and facilitate philanthropy across the region. We can help you design a lasting legacy aligned with your particular passion: the arts, education, economic development, or any cause close to your heart. 

Spring 2022 Grants2
Total Funds
$139.8 Million
In Cumulative Grants & Charitable Distributions
$95.5 Million
In Assets
$9.3 Million
In Cumulative Scholarships

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Paving the Way for Women in Scientific Fields: Doris J. Leibfreid Scholarship

Michelle Hershberger and Yvonne Fetterman share a common inspiration. They were both students who were influenced and mentored by Doris J. Leibfreid, a Life Sciences and Biology teacher who taught for 35 years at Westmont Hilltop High School. Ms. Leibfreid helped pave the way for women entering STEM fields by studying and teaching biology at a time when women were not readily accepted and often discouraged from pursuing scientific fields. In addition to teaching, Ms. Leibfreid also coached girls’ basketball and girls’ volleyball during her career. She enthusiastically supported girls’ sports at Westmont and demonstrated unwavering support for the athletes that she mentored. She had a particular love for the sport of volleyball and coached the girls’ high school volleyball team for 20 years before her retirement in 1998. “Ms. Leibfreid was one of the first teachers I met in high school and unbeknownst to me she would soon become my favorite teacher of all time ...

Strategic Grantmaking

The Community Foundation supports hundreds of local nonprofits, awarding more than $116 million in grant awards so far. From special initiatives like the Early Childhood Education Fund to regular fall and spring grant rounds, we provide local nonprofits with resources and funding to make the greatest possible impact in our communities, today and for future generations.

the Fund for the future

The Fund for the Future was established at the Community Foundation to address the needs of our region today, tomorrow, and forever. Because it’s one of our endowments, only earnings are used to make grants. The principal is invested and designed to grow in perpetuity. That means that any gift you make will be there for future grantmaking, forever.

The Fund for the Future is also one of the funds that our Distribution Committee uses to make grants twice each year to local nonprofits. A gift to the Fund for the Future is a unique way to care for our community no matter what the future may hold.

Legacy creation

The Community Foundation for the Alleghenies can work with you to create permanent funding for whatever causes you’d like to empower. We’ll walk you through every step of starting a fund or help you explore established efforts you may want to support. No matter what you choose, we will ensure that your charitable intent is always honored. We can also work with your wealth advisor to help you design a giving strategy that is tax-efficient and tailored to your needs and desires.

Our Legacy Society is our way of acknowledging your commitment to the future—today. Becoming a member is simple: Include the Community Foundation for the Alleghenies as a beneficiary of a gift from your estate and notify us of your plan.

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