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Thanks to our donors and other collaborators in philanthropy, the Community Foundation for the Alleghenies is strong. This past year, we reached a milestone $67 million in assets in 647 funds, and distributed $7.8 million to individuals and organizations making a difference in our region.

Please take a minute to read through our 2017 Annual Report.

This year’s report tells the story of donors from every background, partnering with us to meet essential community needs. With the support of an engaged board, and a productive, mission-focused staff, our impact is growing.

We reached out to many of you in the community to help us develop an ambitious strategic plan. We asked for your input, we listened, and we learned—a lot.

You want more from us, and we are rising to meet those expectations. We’ve sharpened our mission, and added a vision of an inclusive, vibrant, culture of philanthropy.

We learned we must work harder in identifying community needs, and meeting those needs with relevant resources. We must leverage certain funds to impact key issues specific to our region. Some of this work is featured in our Annual Report. We know we need more of it.

We must better promote the myriad ways in which people can help their community, inspiring new and existing donors to take action. We’re doing this through PLAN, our Philanthropic Leaders Advisory Network, which educates professional wealth advisors on how they can help their clients have a permanent impact on our region.

We must empower our nonprofit partners to be stronger. We expanded the Bosler Academy for Nonprofit Capacity Building so that local nonprofits can make use of the tools and resources available to them, to better serve our community.

Thank you to everyone in Bedford, Cambria, Indiana, and Somerset counties, who is working tirelessly to build up our region. This is truly a collaboration that includes community leaders, elected officials, nonprofit and religious organizations, and scores of volunteers. We are your community foundation, benefiting the region every day, forever.

Mark Pasquerilla, Board Chairman
Mike Kane, President and Executive Director

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