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JOHNSTOWN — We can’t thank everyone enough for their support in making our 25th Anniversary celebration a success. The overwhelming generosity of our sponsors and attendees is indicative of how and why the Foundation has been able to grow so much over the past 25 years. The Foundation’s board of directors and staff would also like to extend a sincere thank you to Governor Tom Wolf and Secretary Dennis Davin (PA Department of Community and Economic Development) for their messages of support. Secretary Davin gave an exceptional speech and we were honored to have him as our guest speaker.

In the Foundation’s very first Annual Report in 1990, Richard Mayer, the Foundation’s first Board Chairman, said, “The Foundation’s role – service to this community – will continue to grow and expand.” That is clearly evident today. From an initial gift of $300,000 for the Dan and Marcia Glosser Fund, the Community Foundation has grown to more than $65 million in assets, with more than 550 funds, and distributions in excess of $4 million in the 2014 fiscal year.

“When you give to the Foundation, our community benefits now and in the future,” said Mike Kane, President. “We make the connection for people who want to inspire, energize, impact, and love their community.”

Congratulations to the four people whose names were randomly drawn during our celebration. They were each awarded $2,500 that they could either donate to one of our existing funds or use to start a new fund. The winners were:

  • Joan Mangarella, who will award $1,250 to the Pennsylvania Highlands Community College Scholarship Fund, and will take the remaining $1,250 to start a fund for the Hastings Public Library.
  • Henry Scully, who will award $2,500 to the Fund for the Future to be granted to the Friends of Flight 93 National Memorial.
  • Michael McVicker, who will award $2,500 to the Purich Family Donor Advised Fund to be granted to Tranquility Gardens.
  • Jack Fiesta, who will award $2,500 to the John A. Fiesta Family Fund.

The party may be over, but the need to help your community never ends. To start a fund of your own or to donate to a fund already established call 814-536-7741 or email us.

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