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BEDFORD— Hundreds of little animals will be getting a new home thanks in part to some generous funds. Board members broke ground this summer for a new building to house the Bedford County Humane Society (BCHS).

“We’ve been in our current facility since 1995. It’s small, economically inefficient, and falling into disrepair,” said Lori Copley, BCHS Board Treasurer.

Copley has been with BCHS for nine years and has spent the last five fundraising for this project.

“Our board has been researching and planning for a new facility for the last few years,” said Copley. “Many hours of work have been invested in this project and it feels good to finally see the process starting!”

“The BCHS’s new facility will be amazing and Bedford County Endowments is so proud to be a partner in this incredible project,” said Kay Reynolds, Director, Bedford County Endowments. “The Humane Society members and community have worked hard to make this dream a reality. Congratulations!”

The new facility will house approximately 70 dogs and 100 cats. It will include a low-cost spay/neuter clinic as well as a boarding facility and retail shop.

“Our mission at BCHS is to take the best possible care of the homeless, neglected, and abused animals of Bedford County until they find a loving home. This new facility will provide a larger, healthier, more aesthetically pleasing place for them to wait for their new families. We’re excited for the entire county to be a part of this project because, in the end, these animals that we care for belong to Bedford County,” said Copley.

The new building should take about a year to complete and is expected to open by next summer. Copley said this project was made possible, in part, because of generous donations and support.

“We were blessed to have the late Dr. William R. Newman leave a portion of his estate to BCHS,” said Copley. “He wanted us to be able to build a bigger and better facility for our animals. His donation made it possible to get the project started. Many others have taken advantage of some of the many naming opportunities at the new facility. For example, we will have the Parr Family Puppy Room, thanks to the generous donation made by the Parr family.”

To make a donation or to learn more about the project, please visit the BCHS website.

“The BCHS board, staff, and volunteers have one focus. That is taking the best care of the animals that we can until we find them loving homes. This is what drives us all,” said Copley. “Our board of directors consists of people with varied and valuable talents (banking, marketing, business owners) that enhance the organization and allow us to make well-informed decisions.”

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