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We have just extended the application deadline for our Penelec Sustainable Energy Fund‘s Energy Audit Grant Program!

This program is open to any 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that is located within the Penelec or Penn Power service territory. Nonprofit organizations within the fund’s territory are encouraged to apply online; up to five grants will be awarded to cover the cost of professional energy audits for buildings owned and operated by the nonprofit. Applications are due no later than August 14, 2015.

Energy audits are an important first step toward a goal of reducing kilowatt hours and improving operating costs for many existing buildings. During an energy audit, a trained specialist will study the energy usage of a building by reviewing bills and statements and determining the amount of energy used by onsite equipment, lighting, and windows, etc. The auditor will spend time at the building to understand each organization’s energy uses and needs. After the evaluation is complete, the auditor will prepare a written report that recommends ways to save energy. If an organization, upon reviewing its energy audit, determines that substantial savings could be made by implementing some of the suggested upgrades, the Sustainable Energy Fund may be able to offer a performance-based loan to get the work done.

All applications will be reviewed by the fund’s advisory committee, who will make the final recommendations on which organizations will receive the grants. If your building is approved for a grant, we will provide a list of approved energy auditors from which you can request a quote.

“Based on the success of this program over the past two years, the committee has decided to offer the program again in 2015. An energy audit is a critical, though often-overlooked, first step in many building retrofits and renovations. It is our hope that, based on the recommendations of energy experts, more nonprofits will be able to upgrade their facilities and realize substantial energy and cost savings,” said Mike Kane, Community Foundation for the Alleghenies president.

The Met Ed/Penelec SEF is one of four funds that were established across the state as the result of deregulation and subsequent settlement agreements by Pennsylvania Electric Utilities. The Met Ed portion of the fund is managed by Berks County Community Foundation, whose mission is to promote philanthropy and improve the quality of life for the residents of Berks County. The Penelec portion of the fund is managed by the Community Foundation for the Alleghenies which builds professionally managed assets for its donors to support their philanthropic interests in Cambria, Bedford, and Somerset counties.

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