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Approaching 20 Years, Windber Rambler Lettermen’s Club Launches Fundraising Campaign

Over the years, the Windber Area High School Athletic program has expanded from four sports teams to 15, providing more opportunities to more students. Now, a group of former student-athletes are working to ensure that the next generation has the chance to enjoy the same strong foundation as they did.

The Windber Rambler Lettermen’s Club (WRLC), founded in 2002 by Bill Hughes of the class of ‘53, is approaching its 20th anniversary and launching an ambitious campaign to double the Windber Rambler Lettermen’s Club Fund over the next two years.

Working with CFA, WRLC has been able to provide $44,000 in scholarships to graduating senior student-athletes and over $35,000 in funding to the school district in direct support of the sports programs so far. Increasing its impact, especially with expanded sports opportunities at the district, is the next goal, campaign Chair Robert Portante said.

“The club’s leadership realizes there is a need to grow our financial assets,” he said. “Only by growing the value of our fund will the club be able to deliver the 21st century support necessary to provide current and future student-athletes the solid foundation that was provided in the past.”

While club members have organized a widely supported annual golf outing each year—and will continue to do so—those funds have not kept up with growing and anticipated needs of students. The club appreciates all of the past support and is looking forward to continuing their efforts, according to club President Todd Bostock, class of ‘79 graduate.

“Growing up in Windber holds a special place in the hearts of those privileged to experience an environment that strengthened our character and formed the foundation for our successes in life,” he said. “Today, we have an opportunity to support Windber students now and into the future, forever, through the Windber Rambler Lettermen’s Club.”

Secure online donations can be made by CLICKING HERE. For more information, contact campaign Chair Robert Portante at

You can also read their full appeal by CLICKING HERE or download a form with details on donation options by CLICKING HERE.

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