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Preserving a Piece of History

A group of grassroots volunteers are working to revive an iconic Johnstown sculpture, perched alongside the Inclined Plane.

Entitled “Steel Float,” the 30-foot metal structure can be seen from the Incline overlook, by riders on the Incline, and from downtown. It’s one of 10 sculptures created by renowned artist James Wolfe in the ’80s and was erected as part of the centennial commemoration of the Great Johnstown flood of 1889. Constructed of steel forged in Johnstown mills, these sculptures are symbols of Johnstown and were built with help from city steelworkers.

“Steel Float” is arguably the most visible of all of the sculptures, and it’s also the most challenging to save. It’s height and placement on a steep hillside make for extra challenges, and the sculpture will need significant prep before painting can occur. To prep and repaint the sculpture will cost around $6,000. Already, more than half of that goal has been raised and a fundraising campaign is underway to help volunteers get the project started. If you’re interested in contributing to this effort, CLICK HERE.

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