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Scholarship Season Opens

Try our new EASY APPLY Scholarship Application

Scholarship season has officially begun!

This year, students can apply for scholarships beginning Oct. 1, with most applications due by Feb. 28. With more than 300 scholarship funds available, our donors have created opportunities for all types of students to pursue an education and build their careers.

We have also created a newly streamlined application process that makes finding and applying for scholarships easier than ever before. Our new EASY APPLY Scholarship Application will confirm eligibility, auto-fill common questions, and take students step-by-step through applications. That means students can complete one online form (instead of many) to automatically apply to any CFA scholarship they are eligible for. Any scholarships that ask for supplemental questions will automatically appear in a student’s Easy Apply platform as they complete the questions.

Find out more, get started on your EASY APPLY, or find answers to frequently asked questions at


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