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Thursday, March 5, 2015, a group of financial advisors met to discuss and learn more about the Community Foundation for the Alleghenies and its Philanthropic Leaders Advisory Network.

The PLAN (Philanthropic Leaders Advisory Network) is a new initiative of the Community Foundation specifically for Wealth Advisors. The goal is to partner with financial planners, attorneys, and other professional advisors dedicated to carrying out their clients’ charitable goals while helping to build assets in their communities, and to build a network of professionals who understand that charitable planning can help grow their business.  The first PLAN continuing education credit seminar was held in October 2014, since then we now have a total of eight members.

On Thursday, two new members joined PLAN: Lisa Bittner, of Somerset Trust Company, and Donald W. Cowie, of AXA Advisors, LLC.

“To me, to give is the best way to receive,” said Bittner.  “The personal satisfaction one receives in knowing that they have contributed to the survival of something they are passionate about is invaluable.”

“Giving back to your community, whether it is faith, service, or needs based, is an endeavor which rewards both the donor and the donee many times over,” said Cowie.

The seminar was held at Somerset Country Club. It was the second of three annual PLAN seminars.  Each one is on a different topic; this seminar was on Marcellus Shale.  Attorney Mark Persun from Somerset was the featured speaker.  He spoke about how the Marcellus Shale industry can impact you financially, and what you need to know about it as it becomes a growing industry in the state.

Continuing education credits were available for this seminar. Visit our PLAN webpage for details.



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