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Making Change in Bedford County

Bedford County Endowments was able to further boost its impact and support for nonprofit groups in Bedford County in 2020 and 2021. The 2020 Fall Grant round was the first time that Bedford County Endowments was able to provide grant money exclusively to Bedford County projects from the Bedford County Community Fund. Those inaugural recipients, selected by CFA’s Bedford County Advisory Committee members, were: Bedford County Chamber of Commerce, Bedford County Heritage Trust, Bedford County Players, Bedford County Pink Ribbon Fund, The National Coverlet Museum, Breezewood Volunteer Fire Company, Mark Clark Memorial Park, and The Coffee Pot.

To build on that momentum, the Bedford County Endowments will be launching a new ongoing fundraiser this fall to continue to grow the Bedford County Community Fund, which is designed to support Bedford County through grantmaking every year, forever.

This new endeavor—Bedford County Change Makers—will recruit locals and anyone who cares for Bedford County to give a little to make a big change. To join, members commit to a small recurring contribution on a monthly basis. All donors will be recognized on CFA’s Bedford County Endowments webpage.

Half of the proceeds raised will go to the Bedford County Community Fund so that the fund can continue to grow forever. The other half of the proceeds will go to a Bedford County nonprofit who applies for a grant. That grant will be voted on by the members of Bedford County Change Makers.

Reach out to CFA’s Bedford County Director Dina McGee to get connected and be among the first official Bedford County Change Makers. You can reach her at or (814) 623-0044. You can also sign up online at

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