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JOHNSTOWN — The Community Foundation is proud to be supporting “Creator Square,” an urban revitalization, economic development, and job skills transfer program. Modeled on the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust’s 1984 establishment of a cultural district in downtown Pittsburgh, Creator Square will establish the first ‘creator district’ in Johnstown, PA.

Please join us for the first Creator Square Local Maker Network Workshop
Friday, February 20, 2015
Two Sessions: 10AM or 6PM
Location: 430 Main Street, 2nd Floor, Downtown Johnstown, PA

Creator Square is designed to be the keystone that connects Johnstown’s creative community, industrial infrastructure, and entrepreneurial activity by establishing a focal presence in downtown’s Central Park. As a result of its presence and initiatives, subsequent partnerships between makers, education, and industry will provide the next stage of innovation as Johnstown embraces the new manufacturing economy of the future.

Creator Square is currently in the developmental stage of its growth. In under a year, the program already has the strong support of local business partners, financial institutions, and nonprofits. It is currently seeking local makers, artisans, and creators to start the conversation, to understand the needs of artists, and to establish the beginnings of this Maker Network.

Our goal for these sessions will be to:

  • Provide an introduction to Creator Square Johnstown
  • Introduce the Local Maker Network concept
  • Discuss goals for the network and upcoming “maker workshops”
  • Feedback: What do YOU want the Local Maker Network to be? What do YOU want Creator Square Johnstown to be?

These sessions are open to the public. If you are a maker, artisan, or creator – or just interested in learning more about the concept – please join us on Friday, Feb. 20, 2015. We are hosting 2 sessions; please choose one session to attend: 10 AM-12 NOON or 6 PM-8 PM.

We welcome you to RSVP in advance, for event planning purposes, but you are most welcome to attend whether you RSVP or not. We know that some of your schedules may change, or that some of you may only be able to attend at the last minute.

In all cases, come and join us! We look forward to hosting you on Creator Square!

Please contact Paul Rosenblatt or Donald Bonk with further questions.

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