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A coalition of Johnstown-based foundations is providing $250,000 to the Johnstown Police Department for technological upgrades. These upgrades bring the Johnstown police force up to date with current policing practices, helping officers be more efficient, more visible out in the field, and making them better stewards of the city’s safety.

The 1889 Foundation is providing $150,000, with $50,000 each coming from Lee Initiatives and the Community Foundation for the Alleghenies.

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The $250,000 will pay for three new patrol vehicles, new computers with essential licensing packages for each of the department’s cruisers, plus a computer server to run the system. The funding will also purchase in-car cameras. This system gives each officer a mobile office, with on-the-spot access to vital information, and video recordings of every encounter.

“These foundations are enabling us to modernize in a way that’s consistent with today’s policing,” says Johnstown Police Chief Bob Johnson. “The technology upgrades we’re purchasing with this money will keep Johnstown’s police officers where they belong – out in the field. This translates to faster response times when it matters most, and fewer opportunities for criminals to commit their crimes.”

As instrumental backers of the Cambria County Drug Coalition (CCDC), 1889, Lee Initiatives, and the Community Foundation believe this investment in the JPD is also an investment in the CCDC’s ongoing battle against Cambria County’s opioid crisis. With a mission of treatment, protection, and prevention, the CCDC relies heavily on Johnstown Police — the region’s largest police force.  Empowering the JPD empowers our county’s leaders in combating the drug epidemic that’s infiltrated our communities.

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Lee Initiatives CEO John Reed says, “The Lee Initiatives Health and Wellness Endowment is thrilled to support this project. Giving law enforcement additional tools to keep our city safe is a precise fit for our mission.”

“Having a safe and secure community is crucial in creating a healthier environment,” says 1889 Foundation President Susan Mann.  “We commend the work of local law enforcement and are proud to stand by our fellow funders and support them with this contribution.”

“This timely and proactive collaboration is a clear example of how strong we are when we unite,” adds CFA President Mike Kane. “Together, we’re making a substantial difference in the safety of our families, neighbors, and communities.”

Johnstown police are already committed to serving Johnstown residents and visitors with selflessness and integrity. Combined with the latest tools in technology, our police force is on par with the nation’s best.

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