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CFA is working to find the most resourceful, strategic, and capable project partners for new funding streams targeting community development and early childhood education projects in Cambria and Somerset counties. The Foundation will be holding two workshops on July 8 to help explain fund priorities, but interested organizations should first make sure they are eligible to apply.

Applications for both grants are available from our ‘Grants’ page. Those applications offer detailed descriptions on what kind of projects and programs are the right fit.

An eligibility overview for the Community Initiatives Fund Community Development Grants:

In conjunction with the priorities established by the Vision Together 2025 Strategy, and other partners, the Community Foundation for the Alleghenies has enhanced its focus on community and economic development. We invite applications for transformative projects that address and/or enhance issues such as business and workforce development, placemaking amenities and recreational/natural assets, housing and blight, and transportation, among others. Grant awards are ultimately subject to approval by the fund representative based on mission fit and impact.

Other important notes:
1) Applicants MUST have a Federal Tax ID Number and a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status or be a governmental body or church.
2) Grants will not be awarded retroactively for projects. If your project has already occurred, it is not eligible.
3) Applicants must serve the Greater Johnstown region.
4) Applicants with a 3-to-1 match for funding sources will be prioritized. (For every $3 requested, the applicant will provide $1. This can be through matching grants, fundraisers, organization budget, or in-kind services.)

An eligibility overview for the Early Childhood Education Grants:

The primary goal of this initiative is to make sure children in Cambria and Somerset counties are ready for kindergarten and literate by third grade. It is estimated that only about 30% of children who need child care in our community are served in high quality settings under current capacity. We invite applications targeted in BOTH of the following two key areas:

Projects that will improve facilities, equipment, and any other resources (i.e., shared services, facility needs, curriculum, technology, planning/needs assessments, or matching grants toward Keystone Stars certification) necessary in order to expand a program from a low quality program to a high quality program.

Projects that will incentivize Early Childhood Education staff and support their professional development needs (including required continuing education credits, assistance toward paying for credits needed for certification, associate’s degrees, and/or batchelor’s degrees, etc.).

Applicants must:
1) Have a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status or be a governmental body or church. (If an applicant does not have the IRS status indicated, they need to work with an organization that does.
2) Have at least a STAR 2 rating certified through the Keystone STARS program.
3) Serve residents of Cambria or Somerset County.
4) Serve at least 5 students between the ages of 0-5.
5) Not apply for debt financing or for projects that have already taken place. If the project has already occurred it is not eligible.
6) Explain how this project will help the organization become a high quality early learning center and/or increase its Keystone STARS rating.

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