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Gifts in Honor of

The Community Foundation offers many ways to honor loved ones and to support causes close to your heart. To learn more about ways to give through the foundation, CLICK HERE.

This fiscal year, gifts to CFA were made in honor of:

Aaron Conway
Aggie Kompardo
Alan and Elaine Metzler
Alex Svirsko, Jr., Esq. and Dawn Svirsko, Esq.
All Veterans – Present, Past and Deceased
Amber and Jay Richards
Anne and George Fattman
Annette Pompa
Anthony and Deb Falvo
Anthony and Lenore (Norie) Portante
Anthony Wess
Armed Forces and Families
Barbara and Jack Demuth
Betty Sue Hodge
Betty Zubek
Bishop McCort Catholic High School Class of 1966
Bonnie Weakland
Brad Clemenson’s Birthday
Brayden Mazer
Brian H. Lehman
Capt. (R) William P. Garland, USNA ’77 and Will Garland, USNA ’10
Carol Krone
Cassandra Solarczyk
Cheryl Sherbine
Cindy Speck
Clients of Centennial Financial Group
Col Bob Portante, USMA Classmate and Friend
Connie Mayer
Connor Sweeney
Corey McCombie
David McCullough
Dean H. Metzler & Anthony Falatico
Deb & Anthony Falvo
Denise Baserman
Dick and Connie Mayer
Dr. Charlene Dukes
Dr. Freda Sattel’s 100th Birthday
Dr. Katherine Erlichman
Ed and Debbie Zapola
Ed and Mary Rice
Elizabeth Mayer
Ellis “Ellie” Mayer Kane
Eric R. Metzler
Erica McCombie
Frank Colpini
Gayle Price
Harry M. Adams
Heather and Bill Brice
Helen Hudec
Herb Sendek, Sr., Windber Class of 1951
Hornick Sisters: Fran Smith, Karen Hornick and Michelle Crowley
James Mayer Kane
Janet Just
Janet Younker
Jennifer, Jason, Ellie and Einstein
Jim and Jane Stratton

Jiovani Maser
John Pencola
Joseph Frumkin and Debra Mayer
Joyce Bobolsky
Kathy Vuckovich
Katie Lynch
Katrina A. Pyo
Kimber Cober
Linda Suter
Linda Wigfield
Marcia L. Metzler
Margaret and Harry Stump
Marie Mock
Mark Miller’s Retirement
Mike Kane
Mike Kane and Elizabeth Mayer
Mike Smith
Misty Williams
My Dad
N. Jean Feaster
NAACP Johnstown Unit
Nancy Kozuch
Natalie Logue
Nick Campitelli
Nico, Sophia and Roman Long
PAHS Class of ’66
Pamela J. Mayer, Esq.
Paul and Germaine Huber
Philip, Ann, Ned & Marge Stager
Portage Rotary Club Members – Past and Present
Raymond Heil
Regis Kingera
Ret. Lt. General Raymond Palumbo
Richard Abrams
Richard and Connie Mayer
Richard Knavel
Robert E. Sease
Rosage Family
Sam Zambanini
Sandi Lando Welch
Sarah Brown
Sarah Chepkirui Creider and Gabriel Washington
Service Personnel from Windber
Sheryl Shipman
Ted and Joann Deskevich
Ted and Phyllis Myers Family
The Berkey Family Army Veterans – Russell M. Berkey, Ronald R. Berkey and Dennis L. Berkey
The Berkey Family Navy Veterans – George W. Wright, Richard D. Berkey, Nathan D. Berkey
The Scanlon Family
Unity Coalition of the Southern Alleghenies
Uveges – Baran Family
Vietnam Veterans
Zachary Davis-Reese and the Boy Scouts

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