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Job Mann Trust Fund

To provide financial assistance to worthy and needy residents of Bedford County in their educational pursuits in preparation for serving as a Minister of the Gospel (i.e., "Parish Pastor") in churches which practice evangelical Christianity.

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Jeff Dull Memorial Scholarship Fund

To provide scholarship support for two scholarship awards per year. One scholarship/monetary gift will be given to a Bedford County Technical Center student. This may be a monetary gift or scholarship. The student can be from any of the sending…

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Everett Cash Mutual Centennial Scholarship Award Fund

To provide $100,000.00 in scholarship awards to one or more eligible students as determined by the Scholarship Committee to qualifying students attending accredited post-secondary education including, but not limited to, direct children and grandchildren of current employees and policy holders.

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Everett Area Alumni Association Scholarship Fund

To award the Pearl Born Scholarship to seniors at Everett Area High School who will be graduating and attending a post-secondary institution to major in education. If no student qualifies, the scholarship can be awarded to a student studying a…

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