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Centennial Flag Fund

Thirty-four years ago, the largest free-flying American flag was raised over the steepest vehicular inclined plane in the world. After years of wear and tear, the flagpole has to be replaced. The original Centennial Flag Committee has been reactivated to raise the necessary funds.

The cost to replace the flagpole is $70,000. Funds raised beyond that goal will be used to establish a perpetual fund for future care and maintenance and to purchase new flags.

Sponsorships are available as follows:

STAR – $750
OTHER AMOUNT – donations of any amount accepted

Those sponsoring a STAR or STRIPE/LEGACY FLAG will have their name of choice memorialized on a beautiful plaque at the Inclined Plane.

Individuals donating $100 or more will receive a signed certificate.

Please send your sponsorships and donations today. Remember, for sponsorship of a STAR or STRIPE/LEGACY FLAG, note the name you would like included on the plaque in the “Comments” field.

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