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Here For Bedford County

Notes from CFA Bedford County Director Dina McGee

What can we say about Bedford County? We can say that Bedford County residents and natives care for each other. We can say that Bedford County is generous in its giving. The new continual giving program, Bedford County Change Makers, has completed its first year with 35 members raising over $7,500.

This means that one Bedford County nonprofit group that applies for a Fall grant will get a special grant of $3,626. The grant will be determined by the members of the Bedford County Change Makers, with an announcement to be made at a special event in October. The goal is to create more interest in the community so that we can grant much more in 2023. We are also thrilled to share that First Commonwealth Bank has partnered with Bedford County Change Makers by offering to match donations, up to $2,500, for the 2023 fiscal year. (Scroll down to watch a video about the Change Makers.)

Partnership funds in Bedford County have been very busy this year, and charitable giving has been impressive. The Bedford County Pink Ribbon Fund held a “pink jail” at the Farmer’s Market in downtown Bedford, raising a total of $15,000.

Veterans Grove in downtown Bedford has launched a new fundraising initiative: The group is selling bricks to replace the current walkway in Veterans Grove. The bricks will have the name and the years that Bedford County natives served in the military. The walkway will be set up as a timeline, beginning with the War of 1812 to present day. Working with the Community Foundation’s Bedford County Endowments, the group has already raised funds for three monuments, World War II, Korean, and Vietnam. The World War II and Vietnam monuments were created by local artist Wayne Hyde. Again, this is part of who we are. We honor our local citizens and their sacrifices.

Scholarship awards for Bedford County were in excess of $30,000, with another scholarship fund opened in 2022. With help from the Bedford County Advisory Board members, Fiscal Year 2022 was another year of charitable giving in Bedford County. We look forward, always, to more support from our community. To find out more about how you can get involved, visit our Bedford County Page.

Watch: Find Out More About the Bedford County Change Makers

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