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Please, Join Us!
Entrepreneurial Alchemy is a group of successful business, community, academic, and nonprofit leaders in the Johnstown region, who have been working with support from Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to develop a “regional” alumni network to help catalyze relationships with successful people, both inside and outside of the region. The goal is to help facilitate mutual professional, business, entrepreneurial, and community relationships with one another, as well as potential options for mentoring, partnerships, investments, or buying/selling in the region. We provide ongoing information about the state of the region and major issues of interest. We have also been collaborating with a regional group to increase investment capital into entrepreneurship within the community, an important effort called Allegheny Innovation Capital.

To learn about a few of the exciting things happening in the Johnstown area, click the links below. You will learn more about these and others at our events.

If you cannot make it to our meet-up but wish to stay in touch, please email Marisa Nelson or call (814) 536-7741, ext. 114.

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