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Thank you to everyone who stepped up to help our community in a time of crisis by donating to the COVID-19 Rapid Response Fund. A total of 76 individual donors gave to the fund, in amounts ranging from $20 to $5,000, as well as other Community Foundation funds and regional foundations. In total, $312,594.50 was distributed to 72 nonprofits in the region. You can see a full list of organizations that received funds by CLICKING HERE.

Individual Donors:

Anonymous (9)
Lynn Ashe
Caroline Atkins, Vistra Energy
Denise Baldwin
Michele Beener
Bob Bell
John Blackburn, III
Jackson Bower
Michael and Kathleen Buben
Tim Burns, Esq.
John Chanda
Barb Charney
Clifton Clark
Karyl Cooper
Donald Cowie
Jean Crichton
Mary Ellen Denny
Terry Dunkle
Peter Egler
Mark Eppley, Horizon Information Systems, Inc.
Tom and Marissa Feichtel
Bill Fine
Tom and Linda Fleming
Ann Marie Furman
Greg Glosser
Elizabeth Good
Martha Helsel
Larry Hoover
Dr. Ian and Julie Katz
Newton Kinzer
Sandie Koch
Charlie Korns
Adele Kupchella
Elmer Laslo, 1st Summit Bank
Brook Lenker
Beverly Majerski
Art Martynuska
Barbara and Larry Mattes
Elizabeth Mayer
Cathy McCollom
Dina McGee
John and Anne McGrath
June Mitchell
Matt Otis
Mark Pasquerilla
Katrina Perkosky
Barry and Joan Polster
Lauren Presser
Joseph and Veronica Ramirez
Patricia Rodgers
Patricia Serotkin
Marianne Spampinato
Randy Stager
Carol and Larry Stern
Dave and Linda Thomson
Delores Tinkle
Jeff Tishko, Johnstown Chemical
Matthew Von Lunen
Gloria Walker
Don and Pam Walukas
Dr. Florence Warfel
Ginny Weir Lunko
Amy and Penn Whitlow
Laura Wilt
Darlene Wissinger, Garden Club of Johnstown
Ray and Sue Wrabley

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CFA Funds and Regional Foundations

Ann Deitle Legacy Fund
Anonymous (2)
Benjamin Bosler Fund
Blackwell Fund
DeMario Fund for Children
Earl and Jeanne Berkey Fund
Greg Glosser
Katherine Mabis McKenna Foundation
Lee Initiatives Health & Wellness Endowment
M.J. Miller Family Agricultural Heritage Fund
Portage Regional Endowment
Robert Waters Economic Development
Terry and Vivian Dunkle Fund

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