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Corporate Conscience. Corporate Citizenship. Corporate Impact. Caring about our community comes in many forms. We volunteer our time. We provide our professional services. We contribute to causes we care about.

The generosity of your business and employees supports the nonprofits that do important work in Somerset County. But with so many organizations and causes to choose from, how can your contributions have the most impact? The answer is simple: by supporting the Somerset County Community Fund.

This important source of grant funding for local nonprofits has reinvested more than a quarter of a million dollars back into our community, providing funds needed in areas including children and youth, education, health and human services, arts and culture, recreation, economic and workforce development, and environmental and historic preservation.

A contribution to the Somerset County Community Fund is a contribution forever. By donating to this endowment, your corporate investment will help make grants today and long after we are gone, supporting our nonprofit community and the important work they do for generations to come.

And while corporate giving certainly feels good, it is also good business. Studies show a company’s commitment to its community is key in the minds of its customers.

  • More than seven out of ten Americans say a company’s commitment to causes is important when they decide which products and services to recommend to others. (Source: Cone Corporate Citizenship Study, the Role of Cause Branding)
  • Employees whose companies support social issues are 40% more likely to say they are proud of their company’s values and are more likely to be loyal to their employers than companies who do not have such programs. (Source: Cone Corporate Citizenship Study, the Role of Cause Branding)
  • Among shareholders who rated a company’s philanthropy favorably, nearly 80% say they will continue to invest in the company. (Source: National Philanthropy Benchmark Study, Council on Foundations and Walker Information)

Somerset Trust Company was the campaign’s first corporate sponsor, donating a matching gift of $100,000. We’re grateful to this locally-owned and operated business for its generosity and leadership.

Consider making a pledge. When your business steps up to support the community in this way, you’re in good company. Check back to see our growing list of sponsors.

By meeting our million-dollar goal, we will substantially increase the annual funding available to our local nonprofits, supporting their important work and investing in our community’s civic life, making Somerset County and even better place to live, work, and raise our families.

We can do this, together.

Contact Somerset County Director Lladel Lichty to get started: (814) 525-9020 /


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