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Cambria Industrial Development (CID) has announced a $2,500 donation to the Community Foundation for the Alleghenies’ K-9 Community Fund to support the Johnstown Police Department in acquiring a new vehicle for its K-9 Unit.

 Dave Layman, CID owner, said, “As the principal of Cambria Industrial Development, I am pleased to make this $2,500 donation to the K-9 Community Fund. These officers have a difficult job in a difficult environment and I am proud to make this donation that may make their job a bit easier. I believe the K-9 Corps makes for a safer community and helps to keep the officers safer, as well. Their job is to ‘Protect & Serve,’ and no one does that better than the Johnstown Police Department.”

 Officer Mike Kanuch said, “The Johnstown Police K-9 Unit would like to thank Cambria Industrial Development for this donation. Without businesses and organizations such as CID, it would be hard for the City of Johnstown to sustain our K-9 program.”

 “We’re thrilled to see the continuing community support for the K-9 Unit and thank Cambria Industrial Development for this latest gift. The fundraising for this effort really gained momentum in December, and we appreciate groups like CID who are doing their part to help the officers meet their goal,” said Community Foundation President, Mike Kane. “Connecting local folks with the causes that they cherish in a simple, professional, and trustworthy manner is a key role of the Foundation.”

 Cambria Industrial Development, LLC is in the process of developing an industrial park, CID Park, in the former Lower Works/Cambria Iron Works area. After asset recovery, property enhancements, and site preparation efforts, the 10.5-acre site will be available for industrial redevelopment and job creation in the City of Johnstown.

Posted on February 5, 2014 at 1:26 PM by Angie Berzonski


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