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Tips For Serving Clients Who Love Local

Your charitably-minded clients certainly have no shortage of options for their philanthropic dollars. Many clients use their donor advised funds, for example, at the Community Foundation to support favorite charities across the country, including alma maters, organizations in the communities…

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Philanthropy Tips and Trends

Many eyes are on the Charitable Act, which, if passed, would allow for deductible charitable contributions that exceed the standard deduction. The Charitable Act proposes to restore the pandemic-era “universal charitable deduction” and raise the cap from $300 for individuals ($600…

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Life Insurance – A Key Charitable Tool

As an advisor, you often talk with your clients about life insurance–how much is enough and which policies are best suited for a client’s particular situation. As you counsel your clients about risk management and the role of life insurance…

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Tips For Year End Giving

Year-end giving makes up a significant portion of total revenue for most charitable organizations. Research even shows that a whopping 25% of online giving occurs in December! What this means is that there’s a pretty good chance your clients are already…

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How We Invest

Our Investment Approach Embracing Best Practices and Meeting Long-term Objectives The Community Foundation believes that strategic asset allocation provides a solid foundation upon which proper investment goals and strategies to achieve those goals can be built. By focusing on risk-adjusted…

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Supporting Our PLAN Members

How We Support Your Client Relationships When your clients want to have a lasting impact on their community, we can help you execute their philanthropic intentions. The Community Foundation offers professional wealth advisors a broad-based knowledge of community needs, along…

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