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Alex Bear Fund

Helping Families Deal With Grief

What should have been a joyful appointment turned into a nightmare for Alexis and Josh Capouellez.The 20-week ultrasound would tell them the gender of the child they were expecting. Joy was replaced by devastation when they learned that the baby was a boy, but he was no longer living.

Alexis chose to deliver her son, whom she named Alex, through a normal birthing procedure. A difficult delivery, followed by significant blood loss, added to the despair and sadness of the situation. To make matters worse, Josh had just suffered a severe leg injury and was unable to walk or drive.

Even though Alexis was emotionally and physically drained by her experience, she was determined to find some way to ease the burden of the loss for her two girls at home anxiously waiting to become big sisters. The staff at the hospital were very kind and provided Alexis with support materials, including a blanket to take home with her. This inspired her to ask the nurse who was discharging her from the hospital to take her to the gift shop in her wheel chair. She was determined to find something for her girls.”

This was the hardest purchase I ever had to make,” said Alexis. “But, I couldn’t go home empty handed.
I was drawn to a Precious Moments Bear – and immediately bought two of them – in blue. My girls sleep with them every night. When we travel, or go on sleepovers, Alex Bear is right there with them.”

Seeing how the Alex Bears helped her girls deal with their grief inspired Alexis to create the Alex Bear
Fund – a fund to support families impacted by a pregnancy loss by providing teddy bears that can be
taken home from the hospital to comfort children.
“It’s a small gesture, but one that I personally know can have a huge impact,” said Alexis. I’ll never forget the kindness of the hospital staff and how their actions comforted me.”

To donate to this important fund, please visit:


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