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Veteran Rememberances

General Douglas McArthur said, “Old soldiers never die, they just fade away.” But do we want their brave deeds and sacrifices they made for our freedoms to be forgotten? Veterans’ Remembered provides for the opportunity for a veteran’s story of their military service to be preserved forever, so that their children, grandchildren, and future generations can cherish it forever. VR is a virtual veteran’s memorial online and is a lasting legacy for those who served with bravery and pride. 

It also provides for one generation of veterans to pay it forward to future veterans, active duty personnel, and their families. The one time contribution provide funds to Veterans Community Initiatives Inc., Conemaugh Valley Veterans, and other Veterans’ causes throughout our Country. The funds will go to help the homeless veteran, for scholarships, job counseling, and training. They will also help veterans overcome physical and mental problems caused by their military service.

Click Here to learn more about how your support of VR can help all veterans. 

Eletha M. Burgoon
1st Lieutenant
Mr. Conway B. Jones
Mrs. Karen A. Esaias
Mrs. Mary Ann Lidwell
Private First Class
Mr. John Patrick Murtha, Jr.
Mr. Joseph Gregory Lipple
Chief Petty Officer E-7
Mr. George S. Musulin
Charles T. Menoher Mr.
Bernard Charles Brosig, Jr
Private First Class
John J. Tominac
Boyd J. Wagner
Edward A. Silk
Lieutenant Colonel
Kenneth John Ivory Mr.
private E-3
John Anthony Lipple Mr.
Petty officer - First Class
Michael Strank
James Porter Myers, Jr.
Sergeant, U.S. Navy
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