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We were delighted to be able to gather in Prospect Thursday morning to announce a $657,000 Fund for the Future grant to eradicate blight in three Johnstown neighborhoods: Prospect, Hornerstown, and Kernville.

Neighbors from Prospect, many of whom had lived in there since they were children, gathered to find out more about a plan to raze the Prospect box houses and replace them with an urban fruit orchard.

“This incredible support advances our community’s fight against blight in a transformational way,” CFA President Mike Kane said. “People are really going to see a difference, and we hope this visibility will grow our community’s positive momentum. Because of the great intentions of this private donor and the flexibility of vehicles like our Fund for the Future, the Community Foundation is able to make connections that make things happen.”

Read the full press release or find out more about our Fund for the Future.

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