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How Johnstown Grows!

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By now you likely have heard about Lift Johnstown. If not, here is a quick overview:

Lift Johnstown is a collaborative effort by residents, nonprofits, and business and civic leaders working to implement revitalization plans for our community. It’s not complicated—Lift Johnstown wants our community to get together to start lifting itself, and to keep lifting itself. Lift Johnstown wants to add a spark of energy to make projects happen, and it wants our community to create its own future, as opposed to waiting for someone else. Another way of saying it is we have the plans, let’s get things done!

There are six core projects and a number of collaborative projects that Lift Johnstown is assisting with, but a few of those worked on this past year include: the introduction of the Lift Johnstown Volunteer Registry to connect people and projects, the amazing reinvention of Sandyvale Memorial Gardens, including the new dog park, community clean up days, community garden, the completion of the BottleWorks Tulip Mosaic, and more. Working alongside an impressive list of community partners, the Community Foundation has helped put together an effort to assist in the implementation of these plans, both in terms of specific projects and more general ideas contained in the plans.

To learn the whole story, go to Feel free to get involved. You’re invited.

It is important to note that Lift Johnstown is not a new agency. It is not incorporated. It is simply a collection of organizations and people who want to make good things happen in our community, now and in the future as together we work to implement our community’s plans. A Lift Johnstown Fund has been established at the Community Foundation.

What is the geographical area of Lift Johnstown? That’s up to the people working on projects to decide, but it certainly is not imagined to be contained within any specific lines on a map.

Plans are underway for the annual Project Party. Click here to learn how you can be a part of it!

Let’s start lifting, let’s keep lifting!

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