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A Note from CFA President Mike Kane


Dear friends and partners in community:

Like all of you, we here at CFA sincerely hope this health emergency will pass swiftly and with minimal harm and disruption. To that end, we are following the advice of public health authorities and taking proactive steps to stymie the advancement of (and hopefully the arrival of) COVID-19 in our community. That includes avoiding large group gatherings and minimizing in-person contact. We believe this is an important moment for our community to show concern, compassion, and prudence by avoiding measures that could put any one of us at risk.

We are reviewing and updating plans we have in place to respond to health and safety challenges to our community, monitoring guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and other health authorities, and gathering ideas and advice from our peers and partners around the country—all while working to remain flexible and agile. We are monitoring a situation that is now changing on a daily, and sometimes hourly, basis and plan to continue to act as a support system for our community and our nonprofit partners.

Following the best practices of nonprofit leaders and foundations statewide and nationwide, we have decided to temporarily transition our staff operations to remote work, effective March 16. Please note: We do not anticipate that our capacity will be impacted in any way. We will be able to process donations, payments, and scholarship applications as usual.

  • For questions about scholarships, contact Donor Services Associate Marisa Lehman at or 814-255-1266.
  • For questions about funds in Bedford County or the Bedford County Endowments, contact Bedford County Director Dina McGee at or 814-623-0044.
  • For questions about funds in Somerset County or the Somerset County Gives Campaign, contact Somerset County Director Lladel Lichty at or 814-525-9020.
  • For questions about Classy pages or fundraising events, contact Administrative and Technology Specialist Marie DeWerff at or 814-208-8389.
  • For questions about existing funds or to open a new fund, contact Director of Donor Services Katrina Perkosky at or 814-208-8411.
  • For questions about grant opportunities, distributions, or applications, contact Associate Director Angie Berzonski at or 814-315-2982.
  • For questions about finances, contact Accounting Associate Barb Charney at or 814-241-4616.
  • For questions about accounts payable, contact Accounting Assistant Lori Huska at or 814-209-8662.
  • For communications or news related inquiries, contact Communications Officer Kecia Bal at or 814-208-8394.
  • For other questions, contact Executive and HR Assistant Stephanie Daniels at or 814-208-8448.

It is part of our mission to be here for our community: as a support system for front-line nonprofits; as a leader in helping our donors respond to community needs today, tomorrow, and forever; and as a hub for community collaboration. That will not change. We know we can get through this best by sticking together (virtually, for the time being!).

We’ll be sharing encouraging news and informational updates on our Facebook page and at Thank you all for your commitment to our community and for your understanding as we work through this new challenge and find the best way forward.

And please do remember to wash your hands. It’s a simple but critical way we can look out for one another.

Of course, if you wish to contact me for any reason, please don’t hesitate to call me at 814-225-1247 or email


Mike Kane

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